Esperanto Union 9th EEU Conference

European Association Conference

European Esperanto Union

9th EEU Conference

400 International Delegates

The international language Esperanto was created by Ludovik Zamenhof, who was born in Bialystok, Poland in 1859. Esperanto is a constructed language, designed to be a common and neutral second language through which people of different first languages could communicate. Esperanto was also designed to be easy to learn. It was invented without the irregularities and complicated rules of many existing languages. The vocabulary is also easier to learn because of the regular way in which new words are built.

BEM Ireland partnered with the European Esperanto Union to organise all elements of the conference including Sponsorship of the Event under the Failte Ireland Conference Ambassador Fund, Venue Finding, Housing, Transportation Logistics, Pre and Post Tours and Social Programmes. As part of the Social Programme a visit to the Gaelic Speaking Inis Mor on the Aran Islands proved to be a great success with these multi lingual language experts.